Abandoned Amusement Park

Ok, maybe not "abandoned" but this amusement park isn't an attraction like it once was, a few decades ago.

I first discovered this gem in high school. I based my senior year research practicum on photography (of course). I created 4 different pinhole cameras that were engineered to imitate the structure of different animal eyes. I tested how each camera captured the images in front of them. I ended up at this amusement park because the man I contacted to assist me, worked at their photo lab and used their darkroom.

I returned to test my film camera out by capturing their super retro designed buildings.

Snow storm with Mima

(Mima is the nickname for my Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL. I have an aunt I call, Mima, and she's always been so supportive of my photography (all of my aunts and uncle, really, but this camera was closest to her name), so I used her nickname as the nickname to this camera.

History of my Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL.

I bought this camera for $10 (after bargaining for it from $20) at the thrift store. This camera has one of my favorite lenses.)

There was a huge blizzard in the northeast, USA, and I used it as a chance to test out the camera. It was my first time using it.

Happy Birthday <3

This was my first time using my Nikomat FTN. 

(History of my Nikomat FTN.

I picked up this camera - which came with a retro Nikon camera bag and two incredible lenses - from a pawn shop for $40 after trading in one of my nikon lenses for my DSLR.)

It was a combined celebration for my nephew and niece's birthday! I was so busy capturing them on film that I almost forgot to get a few of them on my digital camera, just in case these photos didn't work out. They ended up  being ok - I completely forgot about adjusting camera settings like the aperture and shutter speed after being so used to digital cameras, leaving them being super underexposed.

American Visionary Art Museum with Zoe

Revisited the American Visionary Art Museum with my Zorki 4k.

(History of my Zorki 4k.

On my birthday during my sophomore year of high school, a friend of mine snuck this camera (in a box) into my locker. It was the coolest gift I had ever received and is still one of the greatest. I wasn't into film, at the time, but had become known around my high school as the photographer (using digital cameras). It was my first film camera, ever, and it sat on display for about 7 years until I finally decided to use it. He died in a car crash, a couple years ago. Every photo from this camera is in honor of him. Thank you so much, Ryan.)

This was my first time testing out this camera.

My film had gotten exposed while I was rewinding so there are a few different hues overlaying my images.

Inside of the Tree House with Zoe

(Zoe is the nickname for my Zorki 4k 35mm film camera)

Outside of the American Visionary Art Museum is this beautiful sculpture garden that includes this tree house. Here is how is looks through Zoe's eye.

I accidentally exposed my film while rewinding and got these super red hues over each image.

Inside of the Tree House with Niko

(Niko is my nickname for my Nikomat FTN 35mm film camera)

Outside of the Visionary Art Museum is their sculpture garden which included a beautiful treehouse. Here's how it looks through the eye of my Nikomat

Baltimore buildings

Snapping from low points, like the street, and one of the highest points - FedHill 

Baltimore city and culture

venturing around Baltimore capturing it's street art and culture.